We are the Holmes’s!

There’s me, Lee and Ethan and here’s a bit about us:

Me aka Ethan’s Mummy (grown up name – Pinal)

I LOVE to travel – the thrill of going somewhere new, experiencing different cultures and trying new foods and languages has never left me, even writing about it gets my adrenaline pumping.

One day I would love to open up a Retirement Home, taking care of the elder generations with the respect, awe and dignity they deserve.


Lee aka Ethan’s Daddy

Would love to give it all up and live on top of a mountain and/or in the middle of nowhere, building things from wood, steel, bricks….just building….

Lee plans to open up an animal sanctuary one day which aims to breed endangered species to increase their numbers in the wild.


and Ethan

A beautiful, happy and positive ball of energy with equal measures of charm and sass, he is a typical three and a half year old in many ways, and an old soul in many others. His favourite things are cheese and trains.

He has no dream job for when he is older – he just wants to stay at home with mummy 🙂


The BIG Trip

Lee and I have talked about travelling since we met but life got in the way, with Ethan starting school soon, we decided to take the plunge and quit our day jobs to travel around Asia and the South Pacific. We will be away for four months, taking 17 flights and staying in 34 places over 113 nights.

This blog will document our trip along with other places we have been to outside of our travels. If you’d like to see us in “action”, head over to our YouTube channel. And if you’re a more visual person, check out our Instagram page.

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