Ethans Day believes you get what you pay for, we are supporters of good quality products that are functional without compromising on the aesthetics.

As a professional Marketer, I always have my eyes on the market and tend to be an early adopter of innovative products.

We enjoy going out and trying new experiences and are often the first to visit new places, sharing our thoughts on this blog, through Instagram, Facebook and word of mouth with our many parent friends.

Although this blog is fairly new, my marketing background has enabled me to grow a keen following and upcoming content will focus on THE BIG TRIP – four months of travelling with our three year old son, Ethan.

We would love to review places to stay and places to visit around the world, sharing our insights with our core British following and the smaller (but growing) international readers we have attracted.

Our BIG TRIP will take us to India, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Japan, Australia (east coast), New Zealand, Fiji and Hong Kong.

Get in touch if you’d like to work together.