Exciting times ahead!!

Lee and I have talked about travelling for five years and we are finally doing it!! Travelling with a child doesn't deter us, we will do our best to make sure Ethan doesn't feel like an Only and Lonely child. 

We flit between wanting to do an “unplanned” trip, turn up in places, speak to locals or other travellers and work out where to go next. This sounds like a very exciting way to travel but we do have Ethan to factor in and Time to be mindful of, so it will be a semi-planned trip – who am I kidding, it will be mostly planned, I’m a control freak 🙂

Where we are going

Where we are staying

How I booked cheap flights


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  1. If you happen to be in Toronto-area in late July / August 2018 let us know and we will try to co-ordinate! Henry will definitely miss hanging out with Ethan when you guys are gone (and I’ll miss his Mummy!!)

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