ADDRESS: Jay tower, Amul Dairy Road, Anand, Gujarat 388001

Phone: 02692 242 018

IN A NUTSHELL: Large rooms, great service but old dated hotel with lots of TLC required.



 Hotel Surabhi Regency Front Tripadvisor Hotel Surabhi Regency

ROOMS: 2/5

The rooms were spacious and clean but poorly decorated, ours had garish red curtains and tiles that were held up with bent nails. The bathroom window was a frame with plastic slats in it so all of the outside noise and “air” – pollution came in. After spending the first night struggling to breath (I have asthma), we asked to be moved but were told all of the rooms had the same window (not true because my parent’s bathroom had no windows) and the hotel was full. So, they offered to seal it up. Great! I thought, until I saw the seal was a sheet of bubble wrap stuck down with sellotape that peeled off that same night.

The beds were ok to sleep on, the mattresses were thin and firm and the extra bed we requested for Ethan had virtually no mattress on it, it felt like you were lying on a wooden door.

Considering the large size of the room, there was only one small wardrobe and two bedside plugs.

There was a small fridge in the room, kept in a wooden cupboard, due to poor ventilation, the cupboard was roasting hot – convenient for drying washing on, but a little scary from a safety perspective.

Unfortunately there was no kettle or hairdryer in the room.

Hotel Surabhi Regency seating area in Presidential SuiteHotel Surabhi Regency bed in Presidential Suite Hotel Surabhi Regency decor in Presidential SuiteHotel Surabhi Regency decor in Presidential SuiteHotel Surabhi Regency bathroom in Presidential SuiteHotel Surabhi Regency bathroom in Presidential SuiteHotel Surabhi Regency bathroom


The hotel has a very central location, close to the famous Amul Dairy, whilst this was great and convenient, it came at a price – the hotel is on a very busy main road, so it is noisy and congested when you are exiting and entering the building.

Hotel Surabhi Regency view from room in Presidential Suite


The hotel has wifi through the lobby and bedrooms though the signal in the bedrooms isn’t great. It had a seating area in the lobby but no dining area. The on-site kitchen prepared fresh food every day and delivered it to the bedroom. The food itself was tasty and there was a good variety. The service at this hotel was fantastic, nothing was too much trouble and everything was done with a smile. We ordered awkward food several times for Ethan – without salt or spice, and it was promptly delivered, we asked for clothes to be laundered or just ironed and the staff would personally take it to a laundrette and deliver it back to our rooms. The service alone is worth the entire cost of the room.

Hotel Surabhi Regency lobby


This was a cheap place to stay, we were in a large suite costing 3000 Rupees per night, a mere £34. My parents were in the Deluxe room category which was a large en suite King with a swing in the room. It was plenty big enough and cost £24 per night.

Hotel Surabhi Regency Tariff


We found a gem of a place just down the road to our hotel – Jagdish Farsan Shop, a vegetarian thali restaurant. A thali (dish) is the national food of India. It consists of a dish with a few types of curry, some rice and dahl (lentils) and roti’s (flatbreads).

They always had three types of curries made fresh every day along with two types of flat breads and two types of dahl – one sweeter than the other to accommodate varying taste buds. The amount of food would probably cost around £20 per head at the lower end in London, here it was a bargain price of 70 Rupees per thali, that’s less than £1 each!!

The food itself was delicious but better than that was the service, the owner/manager Jagdish and his wife were very welcoming and went out of their way to help us, offering to make bespoke dishes with enough notice. They made Ethan a pasta dish, mashed potatoes and a salt free rice and lentil dish. They even sourced a special leaf from a village that specialised in growing them to make me a difficult to find dish.

Their restaurant also sold a range of snacks both Indian and Western – Oreo cookies and Kinder Eggs were quickly spotted on the shelf by Ethan.

Finally, they offered a free delivery service, running food in tiffin’s all over the place which is useful if you can’t get to the restaurant, but you miss out on the constant refill of freshly cooked roti’s.